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The Wild Pitch

Jun 2017

Episode 10.5: Mini-Beard

June 28, 2017

Hello everyone! This week on the Wild Pitch Podcast: Mr Rando gives us another feisty group of elements. We get 2 user submitted elements (thank you to Vyvyan and Sonja on Facebook) and they are balanced out nicely with an abstract that made me chuckle. The Mini Episode Podcast Pick is The GravityBeard Podcast, and I actually sat down with the host of the show, Toph, and we talked podcasting, hockey, Johnny Carson, and D.B. Cooper. This week's beer: Anchor Brewing -- California Lager This week's Mini-Episode Podcast Pick: The GravityBeard Podcast -- Apple Podcasts Produced by Derek Glascock Think you've got a great or even better idea for any of our random element collections? Let's hear it and the best ones will get played on an upcoming mini-episode. Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline: (872)256-8780 The Wild Pitch Podcast Contact Info Contact us with warm greetings, harsh criticisms, or random element suggestions. Email: Email: Twitter: @WildPitchCast Instagram: @WildPitchCast Facebook:@WildPitchCast Stitcher: Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes): Google Play: Soundcloud: PlayerFM: Art by Angel Onofre and Derek Glascock IG: @angelonofre Sign up for our newsletter!