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Jul 2017

Episode 11: Cat Groups on Facebook, Gatlinburg, and Self Loathing

July 5, 2017

Derek welcomes Jules, Kevin, and Tim from the Nerdy Things Podcast (iTunes) to the Wild Pitch Podcast. Spirits are high and the nerdy boys bring their high energy to the show. We discuss Uber habits, aquatic gummies, and terrible tv shows. Some dark paths are pursued, find out if make it out of the fray. Tim also reveals a dirty secret about himself that is so shameful I dare not write it here... what could it be?

Jules pitches a Theme Park Kevin pitches T-Shirts bred from hate Tim pitches a movie Derek pitches a video game and VR experience

Host: Derek Glascock Produced by Derek Glascock

Jules's Website Kevin's Stargate Podcast Chevron Locked

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Think you've got a great or even better idea for Cat Groups on Facebook, Gatlinburg, TN, and Self Loathing? Let's hear it and the best ones will get played on an upcoming mini-episode. Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline: (872)256-8780

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