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Jul 2017

Episode 11.5: Mini-Saga

July 12, 2017

The Wild Pitch Podcast -- Episode 11.5 Hello everyone! This week on the Wild Pitch Podcast: Mr Rando gives us some super generic stuffs. We get 2 user submitted elements again. It is going to be an interesting episode 12... if I can coax anyone to come on with me. The Mini Episode Podcast Pick is 600 Second Saga Podcast by Mariah Avix. I sat down with the talented author and talked to her about her podcast, writing, reading, what scares her, and what non-sport sport she is super cromulent at! We also get a user submitted pitch from the Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline! This week's beer: Goose Island Brewing -- 312 Urban Wheat Ale This week's Mini-Episode Podcast Pick: 600 Second Saga -- Apple Podcasts -- Twitter Produced by Derek Glascock Think you've got a great or even better idea for any of our random element collections? Let's hear it and the best ones will get played on an upcoming mini-episode. Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline: (872)256-8780 The Wild Pitch Podcast Contact Info Contact us with warm greetings, harsh criticisms, or random element suggestions. Email: Email: Twitter: @WildPitchCast Instagram: @WildPitchCast Facebook:@WildPitchCast Stitcher: Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes): Google Play: Soundcloud: PlayerFM: Art by Angel Onofre and Derek Glascock IG: @angelonofre Sign up for our newsletter!