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The Wild Pitch

Jul 2017

Episode 12.5: Mini-Thing

July 26, 2017

Hello everyone! This week on the Wild Pitch Podcast: Mr Rando gives us some super generic stuffs. We get 2 user submitted elements again, both from Matt. We also get a user submitted pitch from the Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline! It also comes from a Matt? Could it be the same Matt? Should this episode be called MiniMatt? (Missed opportunity... maybe) This week I got a chance to talk with the hosts of one of my favorite podcasts in the galaxy, My Thing Can Beat Your Thing. Phil and Nick were so gracious to sit down and dispense their special brand of silly that makes me laugh. It also is our most un-mini mini episode ever! Find out what makes these guys tick and discover a new podcast that will make you smile every week. This week's beer: Two Brothers Brewing -- Pinball Pale Ale This week's Mini-Episode Podcast Pick: My Thing Can Beat Your Thing -- Apple Podcasts -- Twitter Produced by Derek Glascock Think you've got a great or even better idea for any of our random element collections? Let's hear it and the best ones will get played on an upcoming mini-episode. Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline: (872)256-8780 The Wild Pitch Podcast Contact Info Contact us with warm greetings, harsh criticisms, or random element suggestions. Email: Email: Twitter: @WildPitchCast Instagram: @WildPitchCast Facebook:@WildPitchCast Stitcher: Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes): Google Play: Soundcloud: PlayerFM: Art by Angel Onofre and Derek Glascock IG: @angelonofre Sign up for our newsletter!