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Jan 2018

Episode 24: Eyeliner, Gerald Ford, and Being Rich

January 3, 2018

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Happy New Year! It is the first episode of 2018 and it is a goody. Derek is joined by friend of the show, Harland, and the two talk about all kinds of stuff. The year is only 3 days old, but they've had quite a memorable journey so far. Harland whipped his resolutions and Derek fulfills a life long dream. The pitches go places that only a new year could handle. Harland dares to wade in water we've all dreamed of dipping into, but few can pull it off and Derek makes a really long reference for his and about 3 other people's enjoyment. Harland and Mr Rando choose the topics for episode 25 and our first year comes this much closer to a completion.

Harland pitches a TV Documentary
Derek pitches a Sweet Ride

This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to you by Misery Loves Tacos and Blue Milk IV Mixtape!

Host: Derek Glascock
Produced by Derek Glascock

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