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The Wild Pitch

Jul 2020

Loafin’ With 6 Onions

July 7, 2020

David "That's a 50" Murphy is down to his last wits. He's walkin' the plank with these tapes and he needs you to spread the word. Long time friend of the show Jaysin is on to talk about cats, bread, money, dirt walls, guinea pigs, indie movies, horror movies, dry cleaning, his dreams, and anything else that pops up! Sir Reginald Rando dishes out "loaf" and "bus stop" and the guys are off to the races!

Jaysin pitches a way to take care of your Bonzos

Derek pitches a way to avoid other Bonzos

Host: Derek Glascock

Produced by Derek Glascock

Wheezing Laugh: Derek Glascock